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By Coach Charlie, 03/26/20, 8:45AM EDT


Sometimes small challenges can be fun!

What fantastic weather yesterday and today!  I hope you and your family found a way to spend some time outdoors.

To keep the girls moving, sometimes small challenges can be fun.  Ours this week has been to brush our teeth while standing on one foot.   Ankle stability, coordination, and a healthy dose of laughter as I attempted to demonstrate.

Hopefully we'll be back on the field in a little over a month.  I'd like to issue a challenge to all of the girls.  It's the #1000ballchallenge.  How many of them can pass and catch the ball a 1000 times before our first practice?  They can pass and catch with you, a sibling, a rebounder, or wall.  It'll be about 10 minutes a day to make the 30 or so passes.  It's amazing the difference that 10 minutes a day can make.

When they are ready for some variety try these:

Cradle or fake pass after catch and before pass

Strong hand

Weak hand

One hand (right mid grip)

One hand (left mid grip)

Switch hands (R to L and L to R)

Back-hand grip (R and L)

Behind the Back (R and L)

Until it is time to practice together again, stay safe, healthy, and use your lacrosse sticks,

Coach Charlie