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Team & Club News

Early Bird Registration & Crush Summer Lacrosse

By Rick Atkins 01/13/2020, 8:30pm EST

Hello NYLAX Nation!!

Well, 2020 is already well underway and so are the beginnings of our 2020 Spring Season!!

Main point of today’s blast is to remind everyone the Early Bird Discount expires on Wednesday of this week.  As posted on 12/24 the Early Bird is set to run through 1/15/2020 and will save you $25 per registration as an Early Bird Discount.  Simple reason, the earlier we know who and how many to expect on our teams the easier it is for the Board to go about planning out our season.

You may click through here -  - to go directly to the registration system.

We did hear from one parent they tried to register on an Internet Explorer browser and had issues and as soon as they went to Google Chrome it went right through, so if you are having any issues with the system make sure you are on a compatible browser.

There are multiple sign ups for each age group, one includes a uniform and the other does not.  If you are a new player, you MUST register for the needs uniform area for your age group and your uniform will be included in that price.  If you are a returning player and your uniform still fits and is in good shape you may continue to use it and do not need to buy another.

To date we have 40 players signed up to join us outdoors in the Spring.  Last year we had a total of 119 players go outside with us and our goal for this year was to grow the club to 130 so get out there and talk to classmates, schoolmates, teammates for winter sports, etc.  Now is the time to recruit new players, they are the life blood of our club.

While I am posting to the entire club a few other house keeping items.  The Hamilton County Crush is continuing to take registrations for both 12U and 14U Boys.  If you have had an interest in playing in the summer but don’t want the $1000 + price tag of other summer clubs the idea of the Crush is to offer kids a chance to get their sticks in their hands.  We charge just $300 and that includes all fees with the exception of uniform if you are a new player and travel fees to the summer tourneys.  We do two out of town and one in town tourney over the summer and all tourney fees are included.  Current 4th graders are also eligible to play with the 12U team in the summer.


Our NYLAX Spirit Wear Shop also remains open.  We had a rush of orders for holiday gifts and there is usually another push of items as the season gets started.  Click through here to see the Spirit Wear Store -

This week our Learn To Play event is on Wednesday at East Middle School from 7 – 8:30pm.  The LTP’s are open to all Noblesville Players regardless of age, skill level, etc.  If you’ve considered lacrosse or know someone who has get them out to an event so they can get a stick in their hands.

That’s all for today.  Get out there and recruit and if you know you plan to go outside in the spring get registered by Wednesday to take advantage of the early bird.

Have a great day everyone!

Rick Atkins

President of NYLAX

Hello NYLAX Nation!!

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanza, a Festivus for the Rest of Us, or any other holiday you and yours are celebrating this time of year!!

Our website conversion is complete and registration is open!! Several of you already have figured that out as we have had a few random registrations come in.

You may click through on this link - – to go directly to the registration section of the website.

Cost for the season is $250/player. We are offering an Early Bird Registration Discount through January 15th, register before then and you’ll receive a $25 discount on your registration. We are also offering discounts on multiple registrations within a single family. If you have multiple NYLAX Players to register, sign them all up at the same time and you’ll receive a $50 discount on your second registration and a $75 discount on a third and all subsequent registrations.

A valid US LAX number is required in order to register, you will be prompted to enter your number at registration.

If you have yet to sign up and register an account on the new site conversion you'll need to do that as well before you are able to register your player(s).

There are multiple registration areas for each age group, one for just the fees and one for the fees plus a uniform. If you are a new player or need a new uniform, please register in the need uniform section. If you are a returning player and your uniform still fits please register for just the fees.

If you are a returning player who needs just one piece of the uniform, not the entire thing, register for just the fees and we’ll be making the uniform pieces available on our Spirit Wear site so you may order just what you need.

Any questions please email them along an we’ll get them answered as quickly as we can.

Get to the site today and get registered and take advantage of the Early Bird Discount before it’s gone!!

Everyone have a Happy and Healthy New Year!!

Rick Atkins

President of NYLAX

Helmets - Spirit Wear - Registration

By Rick Atkins 11/25/2019, 1:30pm EST

Hello NYLAX Nation!!

Hope everyone has a great short week and is ready for Thanksgiving!!

Several quick points to promote to the club this morning.

Helmets – The HS Club has allowed us to participate in their helmet order again this year.  If you player is in need of a new helmet and you wish to purchase the same one the HS team wears, they are available at a discounted rate of $230.  TO ORDER A HELMET I MUST HAVE YOUR ORDER AND CHECK FOR $230 BY TOMORROW 11/26.  Email me back if you’d like to be added to the list and we’ll figure out getting me the money.

Spirit Wear – The Spirit Wear Shop has been completely migrated, all products are up and site is ready to go for the holidays.  Visit the new site here -  With Thanksgiving being this week it’s the official kick off to the holiday shopping season.  All orders placed on the site by Dec. 15th are guaranteed for pre-holiday delivery so get your holiday gift orders in now for the LAX player and/or fan on your list!

Registration – with us moving over to the new website (announced in my last email) the board wants to make sure we have all the bugs worked out before we open registration up to the club.  We are almost there and are shooting for Dec 1 to open registration.  Keep an eye on your email for the announcement of that and in the meantime, get to the site and get your account created and get registered on the new site.

LTP – Last item for today is on Tuesday we have another Learn To Play.  Tuesday 11/26/2019 we’ll be at East Middle School from 7pm – 8:30pm.  The LTP events are open to EVERYONE regardless of age or LAX experience so come out and join us Tuesday evening.

That’s all for today so everyone have a great week and a better holiday and we hope to see you at our Learn To Play events.

Rick Atkins

President of NYLAX